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Lonzo vs. Wall

Tonight the highly touted Laker rookie runs into his first elite point guard assignment in speedster John Wall. After his NBA debut/fierce reality check against the retooled Clippers in which he faced the bull dog named Pat, Ball has shown promise flirting with a triple double against the atrocious Suns and the sad backcourt of the Pelicans. His skill and court vision have been on display in the last two outings but prepare for his lack of strength and defensive ability to be exploited by one of the best. Beverley played Ball up and down the court, relentlessly pressuring the rook from the tip. Bringing NBA physicality and defensive toughness is his forte but on the other end of the court the threat just isn't there in the same way. Wall is a whole different animal, he'll be sure to guard the 2nd overall pick aggressively, true, but on defence Lonzo is sure to get roasted, toasted and spread with JAM. J-Wow, the lightning streak on the court is Ball's first taste of the NBA's top guard talent and it's bound to hurt. I'll be tuning in to watch this test and give my take, whether its Big Daddy Ball's post game interview, John Wall jamming it down the Laker's throats or Ingram not being Durant, this game has so much to offer. That said, tonight the rook will undoubtedly look like a rook.

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