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Still Processing?

Dear Sixers fans, pour one out for the patron saint Sam Hinkie. Tonight featured a few entertaining matchups, but none as compelling as the mighty Warrior slaying Rockets vs. "The Feds" or "The Process" or "Sam Hinkie's Baby". I don't know a single basketball fan who isn't interested in whats happening in Philly. As exciting as they are, I thought "Hmm, the Rockets win this, no contest. Oh? No Chris Paul? Still". Regardless I tuned in and it was announced that Trevor Ariza and Nene Hilario (a Hilario name if you ask me.) would also sit due to injury. "Ok, this could be a game." Well, it was.

Embiid started the game by posting up Capela on the first possession for an easy step back bucket like it was nothing, rookie Ben Simmons used his length against a team ill equipped to protect the rim and the rest of the guards found their shot from the outside early on. At the end of the first quarter Embiid found himself in foul trouble with 3 early personals which may have been a blessing in disguise as it forced him to sit and conserve his already restricted minutes for later in the game. He came back with some flashes of dominance over the smaller Houston team but his lack of experience showed. His old Kansas teammate Tarik Black blocked a shot in the post and on the inbounds Embiid recieved the ball and with blinders on took it straight back at him, Black smothered him and stole the ball which would normally quiet the crowd right? Wrong. This game was being played in Philly and it only took a few possesions for Embiid to find his way to the line where the chant began. "TRUST THE PROCESS".

The city loves him, I think I do too. Obviously the home crowd's energy powers the team to a marvelous victory and the fairy tale ending leaves the world a brighter place right? Again, wrong. The Rockets keep it close all game and at the final buzzer Harden finds Gordon who side steps the D and sinks the three to win it 105-104. What a buzz kill. It is called the Process for a reason though, this young team has some work to do before it can graduate from its nickname and become a real threat. In the meantime, tune in, these guys are fun.

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