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It's Always Cloudy in Phoenix

I'd like to say it all started with one tweet on a Sunday afternoon but the Phoenix Suns have been in a sad state for much longer than that. On October 22nd Suns guard Eric Bledsoe tweeted "I don't wanna be here", lucky for the Suns he was just talking about being at the Salon with his wife, or at least thats what he told them. Like me, Suns GM Ryan McDonough wasn't buying it. When asked he relayed what Bledsoe was allegedly referring to and noted "I don't believe that to be true.", he went on to announce that the team would be going forward without their talented guard. It is clear that Bledsoe is on the trading block (good for him) but the way the Suns are handling it is bizarre, it almost seems emotional. At every opportunity McDonough has bashed the guard and brought down his trade value, making him sound like an undesirable presence. Alright Ryan, I see that you're a little butt hurt, your team has been terrible to start the season getting blown out like a birthday candle on opening night and your highly touted rookie has already mimed shooting a fan. I'd be frustrated too but you've squandered every minute of Bledsoe's Suns career. First he was part of the point guard trio with Isaiah Thomas, Goran Dragic which limited his role, sitting him for a large portion of last season as a healthy scratch in a blatant attempt at losing for a pick, then allegedly ignoring his preseason trade request, which he made privately to team management.

It's his prime, you can see where he's coming from, can't you? No? Maybe if you made things better by firing coach Earl Watson after 3 games it would help. Oh you just did? Wow!

I just can't begin to understand how this front office functions or what their plan is. At this point Devin Booker needs to turn water to wine for me to find any hope for this disheveled organization. As for Bledsoe, I hope he goes somewhere that can utilize him, say Denver? Milwaukee? New Orleans?

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