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Postgame: Lonzo vs. Wall

I won't lie, it was hard to watch. Through the first three quarters I was questioning my commitment to watching this sad reenactment of my highschool hoops. Until the fourth quarter this game was a complete dud. Neither the Lakers nor Wizards could make a shot and the score showed that.The Lakers offence seemed to adopt the brilliant strategy of standing still and wishing the ball into the hoop. Luckily the Wiz weren't much better. As for the point guard showdown I was promised, it was extremely underwhelming. Lonzo seemed scared to shoot, missing when he did (a whopping 2 for 11 on field goals). Wall was not himself (7 for 22). Between the two, there was not much to see and this was reflected by everyone else on the court.

Enter fourth quarter. Neither team looked amazing but the game got interesting. Ingram made some shaky looking shots and Wall woke up. It was back and fourth and the Wiz were up by 4 with just over a minute remaining and Lonzo drove the lane and kicked out to Julius Randle for 3, game over, it's Randle, thats a miss. Not so fast, he drains it and the lead is down to one. On the other end Beal gets fouled, misses one and the lead is back to 2. Here comes the sleepy assassin, Ingram's lanky frame wobbled its way to the hoop and bricks a layup but pops back up and tips it in with seconds remaining. Tie game. This is exciting, maybe even worth those dreadful three quarters.With seconds left Scott Brooks call a time out and set up a shot for Beal who misses and we head to OT. This is where a new Laker team walked on to the court, playing defense, hustling and at least trying to share the ball. KCP hit a huge three and the Wiz couldn't get a bucket. The win was sealed when Ingram threw it up to Randle for a wide open dunk after the Wiz failed to foul in time.

It ended up being a thriller, a tight OT game, who doesn't like that? We know that Lonzo is going to be good, maybe great. We know John Wall is one of the best in the league. Both of these teams are what I expected.

But the Lonzo show once again showed that it's a hype train conducted by the media, Lavar and whatever PG happens to matchup with him. At the end of the day it's the NBA and almost every game is worth watching. Just pick a story line.

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