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The Next Move

This NBA off season was unlike any other. Its almost inaccurate to call it an off season. While we couldn't tune in to hear the squeaking of sneakers on the court or the Boo's of an NBA crowd as two teams faced off we were treated to a carousel of trades, free agent signings and misguided philosophy lessons (I'm looking at you B-Easy). I absolutely ate it up, I loved every second of refreshing twitter pages. As far as summers go, this was the best in a long time.

Now that its over and the season has begun we get to see these teams working it all out, some rosters struggling to find chemistry while others we thought were washed up continue to grind their way to meaningful wins. It's only been 9 days but I can't help myself, I want more trades. After a small sample size I see things that just can't work, I see players who deserve better, I see GM's who probably want to claw their eyes out. I see an opportunity to play a game of "What If". So that's what this is. Here are a list of player's I'd like to see in different uniforms by the February 8th deadline. Some, for less than logical reasons.

BOOGIE COUSINS (New Orleans Pelicans)

I like what the Pelicans tried, they almost had to make that trade but whatever experiment they're trying is not going to work. They're adding Josh Smith? Yikes. I like Boogie, watching him put up 41 points and 23 rebounds on his former team Thursday night was a treat! But what does Cousins look like in a place like Washington or Portland, surrounded by capable guards who can spread the floor, That's a Boogie I'd like to see. Now, I can't figure out a trade that works for either of those teams but I can dream. The bottom line is whats happening in New Orleans isn't working for me. .

ERIC BLEDSOE (Phoenix Suns)

Read my last write up, the man needs out. Set Baby Bron Free!

KEVIN LOVE (Cleveland Cavaliers)

I just want to see what Kevin Love is. His tenure with the Cavs has been strange. In Minnesota this man crashed the glass HARD and shit double doubles. I understand this was a younger and thicker Love and maybe he's just changed, maybe he grew with the league, transitioning to an interchangeable player, spreading the floor and shooting threes. Maybe I just have garbage Wolves nostalgia, just maybe.

JAHLIL OKAFOR (Philadelphia 76ers)

Oh Jahlil, I feel bad for you kid. The third overall pick in the 2015 draft has fallen by the wayside. The process was brewing in Philly and he was another prized addition, now, just over two years later and he's nowhere to be seen. JOJO, ROCO, Simmons and Fultz, even Saric gets a mention, but where's Jahlil? I just want to see this mopey faced big man get some playing time somewhere in the league. The Suns maybe?

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