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Do you believe in Magic?

Some people are tired of the continued dominance of certain teams in the association. I personally would love to see two teams not named the Warriors or Cavaliers meet in the finals. At least thats what I said last week. This week there's a new sheriff in town and they need to get shut down, it's just not fair. The Orlando Magic are too good, absolute world beaters. First they smoke the Cavaliers, so what, the Cavs are still making it fit or however you want to explain that win away. Next they beat the Spurs? By 27? Pump the god damn brakes. What year is it? Check the roster. The Magic lead that game by 36 at one point, showing off their retooled offence and athleticism. Aaron Gordon looks like a candidate for most improved player simply by playing his actual position and Vucevic claimed the season's first 40+ point game against the Nets.

Coming into the season coach Frank Vogel promised to outfit the team with a modernized scoring scheme and change the culture of the locker room. In this small sample size it seems he's outdone himself.

This is most likely a fairytale start that won't end happily ever after and Magic fans may get ahead of themselves but Orlando has shown that in the weak east they may have gone from bottom of the barrel to sneaking into the playoffs. I can't wait to see how things shake out. Maybe they can pull a rabbit out of a hat.

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