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3 Hoops Pods you'll love.

Whether I'm at work, driving or doing the dishes it's most likely you'll find me with headphones in getting my podcast fix. Every night ends with several story lines, scores and injury updates to digest and break down and podcast's are easily the most convenient way to get a detailed recap. Here are just three of my favourites.

The Lowe Post

Zach Lowe is a former Grantland now ESPN analyst who's articles are some of my favourites, specifically his 32 crazy predictions column which is always a lot of fun. His unique insight and overall basketball knowledge make the podcast perfect for catching up on league news and diving a little deeper into the front offices of the league.

Sports Illustrated's Open Floor

Hosts Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver provide a detailed and highly analytical look into the league, its players and the statistics behind them. The way these two interact is hilarious at times, often like bickering brothers, their back and forth banter adds to their already interesting basketball breakdowns.

Note: Their fantasy ball episode isn't for everyone.

The Starters

This one is fun, all fun. Like a bunch of friends talking ball at the bar, this podcast is full of laughs and a lighter side of basketball analysis. Filled with comedy and straight up basketball fandom, these guys will win your heart instantly. Join J.E. Skeets, Tas Melas, (The international man of mystery taking it to the max) Leigh Ellis and Trey Kerby for the funnest NBA show around.

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