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How the Mighty Have Fallen

It turns out you can start the season looking bad on defence, losing games to low tier teams and still hold your unanimous "Finals Favourite" designation. I was about to write this about the faltering Cavaliers who lost to the Knicks but the Warriors shouted "HOLD MY BEER" and fell apart against the Detroit Pistons later in the night. Twitter is full of over reactions that are hard not to agree with. We all know these two teams are clear power houses, just look at their rosters. The Cavs are known for taking nights off and both teams regularly rested stars last season but thats just it, the stars have played. Each team has been noted as being out of shape, maybe celebrating too hard and embracing their summer off. It shows. Count on both teams to shake off the rust and compete but this start is worth noting.

The minute the finals ended we heard this everywhere: "The league is suffering, The finals are a foregone conclusion. Cavs vs. Warriors #4 is inevitable." but this start its given NBA fans a glimmer of hope. Maybe they can be beat, maybe we'll see different jerseys in an NBA finals game. Maybe. I wouldn't bank on it. What I see here is complacency, specifically on the defensive end. The Cavs rank 27th on defence while the Warriors are barely better at 26th. Don't count on that to be the case down the stretch. Imagine you've hustled to the break room every time Jim brings Doughnuts to the office and you always get the Boston Cream, suddenly Larry takes notice and Janet has her eyes on that cream filled delight. Next thing you know you're looking at a box of plain glazed garbage. Maybe thats a terrible analogy, maybe I'm just hungry but these two teams have been undeniably the best for 3 years, they're going to relax, they're going to slip. The playoffs are a different animal, one that these two giants know how to slay.

I, like you want to see something new and I'm having a lot of fun rooting for these underdogs but rest assured, come spring, the Warriors and Cavs are going to be scary once more.

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