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King of the Web

We're seeing a generational talent grow in Sacramento.

No it's not De'Aaron Fox, not Buddy Hield, sorry Vince, I'm talking about the powerhouse that is Kings twitter. Whoever is running their account is a true troll and its safe to assume they have a good sense of humour. Last night the Kings found themselves down by 25 at the half when the team account tweeted this:

If the team sucks at least you can count on them for some fun facts right? Did I say if? This team isn't great, this wasn't their first time getting blown out. Just two nights earlier the Kings were getting smashed by the Wiz and we got another interesting tweet.

If the team is going to keep losing I think we've already found the silver lining, Kings twitter is clutch and you can count on them for some social media victories. Even if their games are hard to watch make sure to give them a follow for a chuckle or two. Their young talent shows promise but we'll need something to tie us over before they're even near playoff form.

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