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The Year of the Rookie: Part Two

Welcome to part two of year of the rookie. This round is almost like a second tier of rookies, most obviously based on where they were picked in the draft but also on potential. These rooks show huge promise and provide a hand full of highlights night in and night out but these youngsters are less likely to effect the immediate well being of their teams.

De'Aaron Fox

Fox is fast, like John Wall fast. The 19 year old guard is flashy and fun but his impact on the court will be that of a rookie. He's already one of the best bucket getters on the team but his scoring punch will be overshadowed all season long by the overall poor play that this squad is guaranteed to bring. De'Aaron's ceiling is high and this kid will without a doubt be a talent to keep an eye on.

Josh Jackson

The 4th overall pick in a loaded draft plays for a bad team, thats what most rookies do right? Lets see how this works for Jackson who has showed his thin skin as opposing team's fans have already angered him enough that he thought it was a good idea to fire an imaginary handgun in their direction. Attitude is something that effects a player's career immensely and if he can check his, show his defensive intensity and provide offence in the NBA, the Suns will be happy to have him developing on their young squad.

Dennis Smith Jr.

Also know as "What If" by Knicks fans, this crafty guard shows explosive athleticism and is sure to show up in the nightly highlight reel. Drafted 9th overall by the Dallas Mavericks, people have been quick to call him the steal of the draft. With Dirk's age on full display Smith may be the lone reason to tune in a watch the Mavs, attacking the hoop like a freak, he'll keep you entertained.

Donovan Mitchell

The Utah Jazz found a gem, watching this kid makes me happy. He's a rookie with room to grow but damn, he already looks like a solid all around player. He's athletic, hard working and can put the ball in the hoop. I love his attitude and the Jazz are quickly becoming my favourite "good guy" team, playing selfless, well coached basketball. Watch out for Mitchell who has already shown improvement from his days in Louisville.

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