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A D'angeruss Return

If you're a Laker fan you may not want to read any further. D'Angelo is balling. Since his departure from the Las Angeles Lakers Russel has averaged 21.7 points on 46% shooting as well as 5 assists and 4 rebounds. He's the clear leader and absolute best scorer on a not so terrible Brooklyn offence. He's shown a huge improvement since his time in L.A.and fans had mixed reactions when he was traded away this summer in a move to free up cap space. Under Mitch Kupchak the Lakers handed out two ill advised contracts to Timofey Mozgov and Luol Deng and paid for it by having to ship out their former 2nd overall pick.

As soon as the trade was announced it became clear that the Lakers were going to take Lonzo Ball with their 3rd 2nd overall draft pick in a row. Moving forward with a desire for better leadership and a team focused leader was noted as a reason for the move as the Laker's front office subtly threw shade at Russel who was streaky at best during his Lakers tenure. It seems D'Angelo took notice and has been playing with a chip on his shoulder. His much improved play compounded by Lonzo's lackluster start has Laker fans feeling blue, maybe they shouldn't have given up on the young guard so soon. If the Lakers can't secure top tier talent this summer this trade will feel even worse. While it may look bad for the Lake Show, the Nets are surely smitten.

Tonight marks the first time D'Angelo will face his old team and something tells me he's going to try shooting the lights out at Staples Center, let's see what the Lakers young guns can do to stop him.

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