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Joining the Pack

The Minnesota Timberwolves have spent countless years on the outside looking in. Despite talent like Kevin Love who sweat double doubles and Ricky "La Pistola" Rubio tossing nickles and dimes all over the place the Wolves haven't made the post season since the 2004-05 season. Unsurprisingly the roster does not contain a single player from that team, I mean, thats a lot of time, this roster has turned itself over a few times since then and this current iteration has to be the most promising.

The Wolves have spent time tanking, drafting and building up this young roster who's youth is to blame for all of the late game collapses they suffered last season which ultimately dropped them just outside of playoff contention. Though absolutely stunning and fun to watch Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins needed help, they needed to learn from experience. This summer they did what they could to remedy that in a huge way. The wolves brought in Jimmy Butler in a trade with Chicago which sent Zach Lavine, Chris Dunn and the seventh overall pick the other way. Then proceeded to bring in a veteran supporting cast including Jamal Crawford, Taj Gibson and replaced Ricky Rubio with whats left of Jeff Teague.

So far it's working. They started a little rough but after nine games the Wolves are 6-3 with 2 wins against the ultra hyped OKC Thunder. Minnesota has won four in a row, something that hasn't happened since December of 2012. It's only 9 games but this squad already looks different, they look playoff bound. Anything can happen and they're far from a sure thing but Minnesota may get what it has wanted and needed for years. Playoff Basketball.

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