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Bledsoe to the Bucks

It finally happened. I like this trade, mostly for the Bucks. Milwaukee has needed one more play maker and Bledsoe is now that guy. It's unclear how much this acquisition will effect the amount of time Giannis runs the ball but I can't help but believe this will vastly improve their options in the back court. Adding Bledsoe to the reigning rookie of the year in Malcolm Brogdon also forms a scary defensive pairing who will challenge nearly any guard combo in the league. All of this was gained in exchange for an ailing Greg Monroe who came over as a free agent in 2015 and two 2018 draft picks. There have already been rumours of the Bucks interest in disgruntled 76ers center Jahlil Okafor who would be a great candidate to fill the hole left by Monroe who now finds himself in a miserable position with the rebuilding Suns. (At least its warm in Phoenix?) Bledsoe is sure to be happy coming from the lowly Suns to a playoff contender and budding young team in the Milwaukee Bucks, unfortunately we'll have to wait for our first look at the guard in his new jersey as he is slated to hook up with the team in San Antonio and miss their matchup with Cleveland (one of his previously rumoured destinations) on Tuesday night. I can't wait to see a reenergized Eric Bledsoe show us that he's better than his time with the Suns.

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