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Whats Wrong with Lonzo?

Have we ever seen a hype train steam roll its way into the league like the Ball family? How much media coverage is too much? I thought I'd had enough but here I go writing about it again. Lonzo Ball is worth talking about but unfortunately its been for the wrong reason, he can not score a bucket. The immediate eye test tells you its his hell-a-weird shooting form. (The kid swings the ball from his tippy toes up past his baby mutton chops all the way up his left side and launches it slowly past his half fro-ed head). You don't have to watch basketball to know it looks weird but his lay ups should be alright, right? Far from it. I've watched more Lonzo than I'm proud of and the boy looks scared. Last night, rightfully so. John Wall was flying around blocking everybody out of the building. Ball has been able to make his way to the hoop even hitting a difficult lay up to open the game but everything after that clanked off the backboard as if he was trying to toss a hot potato. The NBA is not college and at UCLA he looked fantastic, now it seems the NBA speed, length and strength has made an impression. Aside from the much stronger competition, some fans have an alternate theory. Now let me get this straight, I'm not entirely sold on this idea but it kind of makes sense, it's barbershop talk, literally. Lonzo needs a haircut. That's the sort of advice my Grandpa gave me, not "save your money" or "work hard", he just wanted me to get a damn haircut. This, however is a situation where that may lead to more success. Looking back at Lonzo's college stint you can observe that he had a much shorter cut, nothing to get in the way of his release point. Cut to now, I don't even know what you'd call it, I don't even think it looks especially bad but damn, it looks like a it ads ten pounds to his head. Who knows how valid this theory is, all I know is I feel more like my Grandpa than ever, please Lonzo, cut that hair. It can't hurt. I just want to see what happens.

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