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Deeeeetroit Basketball!

The GOAT Reggie Jackson, Shaq 2.0 Andre Drummond, Tobias "Funke" Harris, Avery Bradley the defensive GOD, Luke "should have gone #1" Kennard. What am I talking about? I don't know, this feels crazy but the Detroit Pistons are second in the east after 13 games. They're 10-3, what were the odds? All of the quick over reactions full of fans pushing the panic button or declaring their team the world champs are getting closer to meaning something. We're seeing the Pacers slide back to where we thought they'd be, the Nuggets are starting to climb, things are evening out but as we near the quarter season mark we'll have a better idea of who is for real. So far that might be the Pistons.

Detroit's record is surprising, they even beat the Warriors by 18. How they're doing it, I can not figure out. They're ranked 8th on offence and 10th on the defensive end. Tobias Harris is averaging 20.1 points a game while Andre Drummond is producing 13.7 points and 15.7 rebounds to go with his much improved free throw shooting. Adding Avery Bradley has proven to be a huge upgrade from KCP who left to join the Lakers over the summer. Overall the team looks as if each player has stepped up and I'm not sure how sustainable it is. Players like Reggie Jackson and Ish Smith are prone to inconsistency and they happen to be the guys who have to run the point. I see the Pistons falling off as the season goes on and they face tougher competition who've had time to fit things together. One thing that has been an advantage is the lack of turnover in the Pistons locker room allowing them to walk into this season with their chemistry established as many teams around them have changed key pieces. If they can improve and maintain the level of effort each night we'll see more Pistons basketball in spring, but don't count on Detroit to maintain this level of success, the 2nd place pistons won't be around much longer.

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