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Talking Shit (My Top 3 Trash Talkers of 2017)

When you think of the NBA's greatest trash talkers you may think Reggie Miller, Kobe Bryant, Gary Payton, Kevin Garnett or maybe Charles Barkley but who, in the modern NBA, is carrying the torch. Many old school players view today's NBA as soft, whether its the evolution of the rules or just the mean muggin attitude that we see a little less these days. The truth is we still have some top notch shit talkers, I would even go as far as saying we're witnessing a resurgence of ferociousness in the NBA. Every team needs that guy who will get under the skin of the opponents, it helps that these guys are also pretty damn good hoopers. Here are my top three shit talkers in 2017.

Draymond Green

When you have two NBA championship rings you're allowed to talk and thats what Draymond does. When the media puts a microphone in his face he talks, he always talks. Some people say he just loves the sound of his own voice while others believe there is a point to his yapping. The subject of his chatter is usually his nightly opponent and more often than not his opponents take notice. During both the playoffs and offseason Green is not afraid to call out or poke fun at an enemy, even going as far as to bash "The Truth" telling Paul Pierce (a then L.A. Clipper) that he was chasing a farewell tour saying "They don't know you like that.". Call it disrespect, call it competitiveness, the man backs it up and is without a doubt the best trash talker in the league. After his recent matchup with Philadelphia he gave the nod to the league's number two man in that regard.

Joel Embiid

The rook can cook. Embiid has already dominated several big name opponents but more than defeating them on the court he loves to use words to add insult to injury. Every night he seems to take it to the teeth of opposing big men and attack them personally, calling out Hassan Whiteside and telling the Heat bench to remove him from the game, Later he took to twitter and instagram to further his harassment.

Adding social media to the trash talkers handbook may one day make Jojo the best to ever do it. I love everything Embiid. Keep it coming, big guy.

Patrick Beverley

As if his swarming defence isn't enough, Pat Bev will be in your ear all night. Our first taste was his season opening treatment of rookie Lonzo Ball. Its no secret that the league has taken notice of Lavar Ball's hefty proclamations of greatness and the pressure he's put on his son to perform. Point guards all around the association are doing their best to shut Lonzo down but on his first night he ran up against one of the grittier guys in the league. I only wish we could have heard ever word he whispered over the rookie's shoulder that night.

Trash talk is and always will be a part of the game but I can't help but wish for more in the current NBA.

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