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The King's Word

Lebron is a media mastermind. He plays 3D chess in the matrix. Every word he says, every meme he posts, every video on instagram, it's all part of the plan. Or is it? Is Lebron really so obsessed with the optics? Is he really spending so much time tweaking the narrative? Only his inner circle knows. Or do they? So many questions. So much mystery. Though I doubt each and every tweet is thought out as a tactical approach to guiding us sheep where he wants us, he knows we're all listening. James is well aware of the weight of his words and so he speaks. Maybe just maybe he simply likes the attention.

The other day he made comments regarding the Knicks and Frankie Nicotine (Ntilikina), saying that they misfired by passing on Mavericks Dennis Smith Jr.. Well, obviously word got around and Mr. Unplayable himself, Enes Kanter, chimed in, backing up his rookie point guard. The way Lebron talked about the Knicks draft decisions can and should definitely be taken as a slight to Ntilikina, regardless of if you agree but when pressed again James was even bolder in throwing shade at legendary coach, Phil Jackson. When asked if his comments were intended for Jackson and the Knicks from office Lebron said "definitely", and changed the focus by dumping praise on Smith Jr., This shot at Phil no doubt has much to do with his November 2016 "Posse" comments in which Jackson needlessly jabbed at the King's inner circle, including his mother. Somehow a single comment about draft choices dominated the NBA news cycle and fired up fans and players alike. Why do we care so much? Why do we make it our personal mission to read into everything as if it holds the secrets to life itself. For example:

James posted this overplayed arthur meme with the hashtag "mood" and boy oh boy did we run with it.

Here's a simple read:

He's frustrated, the Cavs are losing games.

Now from the mouths of NBA conspiracy theorists:

Lebron received information that indicated that Eric Bledsoe would be dealt to the Bucks rather than join him in Cleveland while Kevin Love was snoring on the team bus and Tyronn Lue played Dwyane Wade two and a half less minutes than he specified while Kyle Korver didn't dap him up after that corner three and god damn his food was cold on the team plane so fire everyone.

My point is, lets cool it on the social media hot takes. Sure its fun to speculate and following our favourite players during their daily lives is entertaining but when it dominates NBA news cycles I begin to forget what we're actually here for. I don't know about you but I'm a basketball fan and I'd love to hear just a little bit more about what happens on the court. I'll still talk about all our favourite NBA drama but I'd like to pump the brakes a bit.

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