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Embiid vs. The World

Wow. 45 Points, 15 Rebounds, 7 Assists, 7 Blocks. Joel Embiid did whatever he wanted Wednesday night against the Las Angeles Lakers. Jojo must love Staples Center because just two nights earlier he posted a line of 32/16/2 against the Clippers. The man is a beast and as his minutes restriction has been lifted he's proven that he's ready to be the best big man in the game. Embiid's huge smile is so contagious that he'll make you forget he's torching your favourite team. Each time he jogged back on defence and the camera found him, there it was, the face of fun. Towards the end of the game you just knew the Sixers would throw it into the post and let Embiid go to work. When the ball was in his hands it was nearly guaranteed, he was going to score or head to the stripe. For some reason Luke Walton left Julius Randle out there after getting roasted time and time again when a larger Brook Lopez sat unused on the bench. I don't think Lopez would have been able to stop him either, don't get me wrong, Embiid had his number early on but at some point the Lakers needed to throw everything at him, I don't even care, double teams weren't working so maybe try stacking Corey Brewer on Luol Deng's shoulders, or linking arms and forming a barrier around the key, anything. He was pure unstoppable domination and I couldn't get enough. Something about his playful attitude and fearlessness reminds me of Shaq and damn did I love big diesel. Embiid really feels like a generational player not just in personality but in pure basketball talent and after last night I'm sold. I'm going to need a full season to push the Greg Oden potential out of my mind completely but as they say, I just have to Trust The Process.

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