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Power Struggle: Celtics vs. Warriors

The Celtics are absolutely cruising on a 13 game win streak that has them atop the East with a killer 13-2 record while the Warriors are winners of 7 straight games, beating their opponents by an average of 14.4 points along the way. Their league leading offence has them at 11-3, good enough for tops in the West.

Tonight these two power houses collide in what will be one of the best games of the season this far. Kyrie Irving has looked like an early MVP candidate after escaping Lebron's shadow and the Warriors started the season a little hungover but after some tequila sunrises and a cigarette they seem to have enlisted the hair of the dog to get them stumbling back to knockout victories once again. The Warriors will have a full and healthy lineup meanwhile the Celtics are obviously without Hayward after his gruesome opening night injury which makes this a bit of a "what if" matchup. Boston has been absolutely stellar with its young guns playing out of their minds and Jayson Tatum is making the Lonzo/Fultz picks look laughable, (Danny Ainge is some sort of Wizard) but we can't help but wonder how this team would look with the rock steady presence of one of my favourite players in Gordon Hayward.

Tonight though, I'm putting my money on a Warriors win, sorry Celtics fans, Golden State is going to approach tonight as a statement game and its the first time the young Celtics have seen a monster like this. The Warriors are coming out to play, they want to put the league on notice and this is the night they silence the TD Garden hopeful who dream of dethroning the king. Lebron's Cavs may be in reach but beyond them awaits the real problem.

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