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Recap: Warriors vs. Celtics

Well, I was wrong and I'm happy to admit it. Even through the first three quarters I was completely convinced the Warriors would easily roll to a win but in came the Celtics. Boston's fierce fourth quarter defence lead to an absolute dead patch for Golden State's shooters who found themselves heaving brick after brick. Andre Iguodala was their best player last night and that says a lot, the Celtics were swarming. At one point I tweeted something along the lines of "The young guys need to stay composed if Boston is going to win." and they sure did. Of all of the guys in green it wasn't Kyrie or Horford who stood out, it was Jaylen Brown, this kid is GOOD. I mean seriously, I feel like every other play was this guy stealing the ball, slamming it home, taking it right at the hoop to score in the teeth of the tough and especially motivated Warriors defence. I know I'm raving about one guy in particular but it's because his effort on the court represented the grit shown by the entire team last night. Golden State lead almost the entire game but Boston wouldn't go away, they wouldn't quit. Just look at how the leads changed all game.

That's the sort of resilience you don't expect from a team so full of inexperience.

On the stat sheet this game looks like a Warriors win through and through. Golden State had more shot attempts, better percentages from the field including threes, more assists, more blocks, more points in the paint, and more fast break points, thats a win right? Not when the Refs were calling the game the way they were. Boston went to the free throw line 38 times and made 33 of them while the Warriors only made 12 of 19 from the stripe, that's where we see them close the gap.

Regardless of how you think officiating performed, its worth saying, the Boston Celtics are for real. I still don't believe they win a playoff series against Golden State, not by a long shot, but Cleveland should be scared, Boston really is the team of the future.

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