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Hot Takes: 4 Wild Predictions

Who doesn't love a good daydream? While I'm at work, doing the dishes or in the shower I start to think about a bunch of crazy NBA hypotheticals. Super teams are running rampant in today's NBA, some working better than others, it seems like anyone can change teams and form a super group so why not play GM and move stars around in my mind? Why not hand out some awards? I can do whatever I want in my NBA dream world. Here are some of my wildcard predictions.

Embiid Wins MVP

Hear me out. The dude is BAD. Since the 2003-04 season when Kevin Garnett won it, we haven't seen a big man claim the prize. Now more than ever the league has moved in the direction of small ball leaving us to wonder if there would be a truly dominant game changing center anywhere in our near future. He mother flippin arrived ok? He's here. If Joel Embiid can stay healthy and do anything close to what he did the other day against the Lakers on a nightly basis while also bringing the Sixers to the playoffs, he has a real chance. The man is fun, strong and unlike any big man in the league. Like Philadelphia feeds him in the post to close the game, we'll be throwing our MVP votes down low for him to post up and dunk all over the league. What does that mean? I don't know, I'm a little too excited.

Lebron to Houston

Its no secret, the Cavaliers have struggled to start the season. Their (washed up) all star cast just can't provide Lebron the help he needs, they just aren't what they used to be individually. In the off season David Griffin, then team GM was released after owner Dan Gilbert refused to pay him, something he's notorious for. This refusal to keep a GM that lead them to a title caused a commotion, why not pay the man who built the team, the man who already has a relationship with Lebron, the man who might know how to keep the king in town. It at least highlighted the fact that the Cleveland front office was questionable and helped Lebron in his quest to control the narrative. Now if (when) he leaves, he won't be the bad guy he was during "the decision". With one piece of the banana boat already in place and a top 5 player in Harden, I see Lebron scooting to Texas where his workload lessens and his new team is in much better hands.

Anthony Davis to Boston

This would be everything I dreamed of ever. What a team, Hayward, Kyrie, Davis, Tatum, Brown. Yikes. It's unlikely that a trade happens where the Celtics could keep both of Brown and Tatum but Danny Ainge has proven to be a smooth criminal, swindling teams left and right. Talk about a team that could own the league and at least threaten Golden States dominance. I'm sure Anthony Davis would love to be on a competent team and the Pelicans could move on to waste someone else's prime.

Golden State Finishes 2nd in West

Steve Kerr has been quoted talking about the strain that returning to the finals year after year puts on a team, I mean their season is months longer than most other teams, their emotionally spent and winning always comes with celebrating. There very much is a championship hangover and if you drank tequila all night for three nights in a row, on night number four you may find yourself struggling to get up for it too. The Warriors are going to go the Cleveland route and rest players, take nights off, allowing a team like Houston to take top spot only to shake off the cobwebs and demolish everyone in the post season. (After the last three seasons this prediction is surprisingly wild).

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