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Westbrook vs. Durant

      Durant says not to believe it but to quote Westbrook's fashion campaign, "why not?". Last night we saw the two super stars go head to head, literally mashing foreheads as they exchanged heated words followed by Durant clapping in Russ's face as they were separated. Seems playful enough, like they're just buddies on the playground right? 

      This summer we saw just how concerned Durant is with his image when he was exposed for having burner twitter accounts with which he defended himself from criticism online. Now this wasn't some deep digging exposé but rather a matter of Durant forgetting to sign out of his very own verified account and proceeding to trash former coach Billy Donovan and his supporting cast, referring to them as "those cats". He soon apologized and admitted his foolishness but his constant insistence that he didn't care about the haters only confirmed that he sure did spend a lot of time thinking about them. You're an NBA champion, and former MVP, who cares what some internet troll thinks? Well, Kevin cares.

      Russ has handled this post Durant era with ease, obviously he won the MVP award last year and averaged a triple double, the first to do it since Oscar Robertson in 1962. Now he finds himself with a formidable team around him in Paul George, Carmelo Anthony and Steven Adams and while they haven't exactly set the league on fire they find themselves slowly improving and figuring out some early chemistry issues, in fact last night against Durant's Warriors we saw their best game of the year absolutely trouncing the reigning champs 108-91.

Westbrook was back to doing Westbrook things with a near triple double. His stat line of 34 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists lead the team and put Durant's 21 point effort to shame.

      If Russ showing up didn't get to him, the crowd probably did as every time he touched the ball the boos began. Throughout the game you could see what I saw as a fake "my life is so good, no really I'm so happy, you don't even know, I'm in such a good place now." smile, you know what I mean, the kind of smile your buddy puts on all evening while you're at a party that his ex girlfriend has shown up to. Overall I think the beef is real, I think Durant is still sensitive about it, I think Westbrook is motivated by it, I think it's fun to watch and I'm rooting for these teams to meet in the playoffs. As for Durant telling us not to buy any of it? I think we all have trust issues with him for a reason. 

      Thanks for reading and be sure to read through any twitter responses to see what Durant's burner accounts have to say. I see you Kevin.

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