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The end for Derrick Rose

Friday afternoon ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Cavaliers point guard Derrick Rose is taking time away from the team to evaluate his future in the league. His career has not been an easy one, his knees have taken a beating and this season he's been dealing with an ankle sprain that has forced him to miss considerable time. These injuries have apparently taken their toll as sources told Woj that he's tired of being hurt and it has been hard on him mentally. It's understandable, after winning the MVP award in 2011 Rose tore his ACL and has never been the same since. His career has taken a tragic route as a player who we thought would lead the Bulls franchise for years became a constant rehabilitation project. For younger basketball fans who didn't get to watch just how explosive this guy could be, Derrick Rose was absolutely incredible, his speed and athleticism allowed him to attack the rim with scary aggression. His ability to finish through contact with wild circus shots always blew me away. I loved watching the Bulls when he was on the court and that's the Rose I want to remember. This Rose:

His time with the Knicks and Cavs provided moments of what he once was but the truth is his time may be over. This year we'd hoped that while surrounded by stars in Cleveland he would get some of his shine back but instead we've seen him average more turnovers (2.7) than assists (1.7). Defensively he is a liability, unable to stay in front of opposing guards and he's entirely useless on the pick and roll while his deteriorating body prohibits him from using the abilities that once made him an MVP on the offensive end. Its sad to hear but after the abuse he has endured he can no longer provide valuable minutes on a contending NBA team. Think about spending the bulk of your career just trying to feel good enough to work, I can't imagine how frustrating, worrisome, and painful it must be. I'd be happy to see him finish the season riding the bench in Cleveland and getting one last shot at a ring but outside of this season I think it's over. Its time to say goodbye to Derrick Rose.

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