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Fizzled Out, Grizzlies Fire Coach Fizdale

Take that for job security. David Fizdale is out as Grizzlies head coach but I have a feeling it’s not as much about their record as it is about certain veterans being unhappy with him. His firing comes only a day after Marc Gasol’s post game comments, he had this to say after being benched in the fourth quarter of their game against Brooklyn. “I hate not playing. That’s what I value the most. If I’m not on the floor, that means I’m not valued. I’m sure they knew that would hurt me the most. [...] I’m sure they wouldn’t do it to Mike.” The Grizzlies have had to throw together a competitive team after losing Zach Randolph, Vince Carter and Tony Allen while Mike Conley has been injured and Tyreke Evans has been their number two guy. After losing eight in a row any coach might find himself on the hot seat but it was his relationship with Marc Gasol that pushed Fizdale out the door. This move makes it clear that Memphis has Marc Gasol pinned as their franchise guy and don't intend to move on from him as was rumoured to be the case. It has been reported that assistant coach J.B. Bickerstaff will hold the position of interim head coach until the end of the season. Where the Grizzlies are headed is unclear, their current roster isn't outfitted to win in the playoffs nor is it destined to bottom out in hopes of a lottery pick. The firing doesn't quite sit right with me and I'm on Lebron's side on this one.

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