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The Lavar Ball Rule

Immediately after being drafted second overall, Lonzo Ball was met with questions. You would think they would be about his game on the court, how he'll adjust to the NBA or what he thinks of his new team but instead they were about his father. The outspoken Lavar Ball raised concerns around the league about how his presence would effect the locker room and change the atmosphere around the team. Lonzo, as usual, didn't have much to say but the Lakers front office as well as head coach Luke Walton quickly assured the media that they'd discussed it and were not worried about Lavar's antics. Cut to now, approximately the quarter season mark, it has been reported by Chris Haynes of ESPN that the Los Angeles Lakers are beginning to enforce a rule that according to the team already existed. This rule is being referred to as the Lavar Ball rule for obvious reasons. Because of the constant media circus that follows Mr. Ball and his family, the organization feels that the family and friends of the team who sit in a designated area behind the bench have lost the amount of privacy that they may have had in the past. The truth is more likely that the Lakers front office is tired of hearing Lavar's two cents after every game. After their Wednesday night overtime loss against the Warriors he bashed coach Luke Walton for taking a late time out instead of letting the young team play. He also complained that Julius Randle dribbled the ball with his head down killing time while his son was open on the other end of the court (that's a real Dad move, Lavar). He's unafraid to single anyone out and it's the kind of thing that gets on the nerves of people who are actually involved with the team. Whether its criticizing officiating, coaching calls and or individual players the Lakers would probably rather he just keep his opinions to himself, something that seems utterly impossible for our favourite WWE personality, Lavar Ball. Don't worry Big Baller fans, this rule won't change a thing.

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