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3 Trade Destinations for DeAndre Jordan

When it comes to DeAndre Jordan I immediately think of lob city, I think of him catching a toss from Chris Paul and throwing it down from incredibly impossible heights. At 29 years old DeAndre is still in his prime and is probably looking forward to joining a championship contender. The list of finals hopefuls that could use his services isn’t actually all that long, he’ll more likely go to a team in the middle of the playoff pack and his addition might lift a team like that into the second round. Is an improvement like that worth the price tag he’s sure to demand when he hits free agency next year? Some teams may think so, in a “win now” organization his talent could be worth every penny. Jordan has also made it known that he loves the hot and sunny weather down in L.A. and the last time he tested free agency he nearly (before being kidnapped by teammates) signed in Dallas, another hot NBA city. Unfortunately none of the teams on my list are tropical paradise destinations, sorry DeAndre. As trade rumors heat up around the much loved center all of the speculation seems to have been confirmed when Jordan hired an agent for the first time in three years. We begin to wonder where the best fit might be. Here are the three teams I think make sense.

Milwaukee Bucks

This young Bucks team needs help on the defensive end and a veteran presence who can provide rim protection as well as an offensive spark who isn't named Giannis would be very welcomed. Having the wisdom of a guy who's been to the playoffs year after year and played with some of the best would help mentor these talented kids. Another benefit of adding the giant goof we all love would be the locker room building joy and playfulness he seems to emanate on a nightly basis. Overall I think the Bucks would be lucky to have DeAndre anchoring their defense.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The only championship contending team on the list is Cleveland and I'm sure they would absolutely love to have Jordan join their already star studded roster but some problems represent themselves with this potential addition when we get to the playoffs and teams turn to the "Hack a Jordan" strategy which makes him almost unplayable in big time games. During the regular season his strengths would help alleviate some of the stress put on teammates (specifically Lebron) to defend and work the opposing teams big men which in turn would lead to a less worn Cavaliers core. Once more this would be a rental as his asking price next year is sure to be out of reach for this maxed out Cavs team.

Minnesota Timberwolves

This one has an emphasis on Jordan's defensive capabilities, surprisingly this Tom Thibideau coached team is ranked 27th in the league defensively while frustration brews around the lack of effort from Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony Towns on that end of the floor. DeAndre would bring the defensive effort they need to take their game to the next level while also providing rebounding on both ends. The Timberwolves, like the Bucks, appear as if they could also use that locker room pick me up that seems contagious with him.

Wherever he lands, I always love to watch trades unfold around the league, seeing players in new jerseys just never gets old, all of the 'what ifs' are enough to get my head spinning. As for DeAndre, I'd love to seem him shine on a young team or compete with a group destined for the finals. At this point it isn't a matter of 'if'' but rather 'when'. If not sooner this trade deadline is going to be a doozy.

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