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Is the NBA surpassing the NFL as America's league?

"The NBA has surpassed the NFL as the league of America's future" - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar seems to think so and there are many reasons to agree.

This year has be a tumultuous one for the National Football League, we've seen the attention brought to player welfare through CTE research and the damage the game does to the brains of those who play it, this aside from potentially career ending injuries like that of Ryan Shazier who suffered temporary paralysis in his legs Sunday night after making a tackle and instantly grabbing his lower back. We've had the mixed reaction to players protesting inequality and police brutality during the national anthem along with a seemingly endless stream of players involved in domestic abuse scandals and other illegal activities. Its easy to see why the support of some might be waning while the popularity of the NBA is on the rise. The NBA is absolutely full of stars and juicy story lines, all of which are made more recognizable than their NFL counterparts by the fact that they don't play their game with a helmet on and only share the court with 9 other guys.

Sure the NBA is trending up and the NFL has had it rough but at the end of the day the NFL is miles ahead in popularity and even farther ahead financially with more than double the revenue. Sunday's full of football are an American tradition and the Super Bowl makes for one of the biggest days of the year while the NBA spreads its finals over 7 games. The NBA is climbing but won't dethrone the NFL anytime soon. Who knows, maybe one day it will. Until then we can be the hipsters who liked it before it was cool.

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