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B-Easy State of Mind

This summer Michael Beasley signed with the New York Knicks, the NBA city where the lights shine the brightest and big personalities always find center stage. We hadn't heard much from B-Easy in quite some time, at least nothing notable. He spent last season in the quiet atmosphere of Milwaukee where all eyes are on Giannis, and Beasley was set aside to play a bench filling role. It became clear very quickly that Beasley was ready to provide us with some golden moments, this one being my personal favourite:

Get this man another joint. I wonder if Kyrie Irving and Michael Beasley ever hang out and talk about the Illuminati or chem trails, I would die for that podcast. The man seems to have transcended normal human mental capabilities because he's doing and saying things I can't begin to comprehend. Now, I'm no fashion icon but the last time I checked wearing a watch on your ankle was weird but maybe it's just something you understand when you access the 11th percent of your brain. My theory is that "the 11th percent" is a new strain of marijuana. Hear me out, I have evidence. Back in October Michael Beasley compared himself to Kevin Durant and Lebron James, saying he was just as talented. That has to be proof that the man is high as a kite, right? Maybe I'm wrong, maybe we're just not on his level. Maybe we're uncovering a grand conspiracy, a master plan orchestrated by the all knowing Michael Beasley himself. Maybe his whole career has been one big plot to bamboozle us all. His struggles, planned. His antics, planned. His sudden rise to mega ultra stardom? It's Happening. Would you have believed me if I had told you Beasley would score 85 points over three games for the New York Knicks and beat the best team in the east in the process? It happened, it's happening. Believe it. Maybe I should stop sipping the Koolaid or maybe I'm on to something. Michael Beasley is about to reveal his true form and last night he gave us a taste against the Celtics. Watch out league, MJ 2.0 is coming and the Knicks are winning it all for the rest of eternity.

In all seriousness, Michael Beasley has been a joy to watch over the past few games and has always been someone who can put the ball in the hoop. I like to see him succeed but the dude is crazy and we love him for it. New York is the perfect home for our lovable nut job and if he's getting MVP chants at MSG the world can't be all that bad. Keep shooting B-Easy!

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