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Steph Curry Needs Your Attention

Earlier this year I may have gone as far as saying that Stephen Curry had become underrated, but since his return from injury he's reminded us exactly who he is. Remember that guy who was voted MVP unanimously after the 2015-16 season? Yeah, it was the same guy who won it the year before that. That's right. The guy who led his team to the best record of all time immediately after winning a championship. The guy who would jack up shots from three towns over and make them look easy? Yeah that guy. He was alright.

It turns out Stephen Curry is still in the league, if you hadn't noticed. Playing alongside Kevin Durant and being part of the ominous monstrosity known as the Golden State Warriors has cast a shadow over the remarkable offensive ability he possesses. It makes sense, he's surrounded with wild talent and is part of the best scoring team in the league. If he were on the Atlanta Hawks he would probably treat us to 50 points a night.

I know no one forgot Steph Curry but with the development of young up and comers, and the attention drawn by the MVP race between Harden and Lebron, it almost seems like Steph might feel left out. Could his recent performance be a cry for attention? Suffering from middle child syndrome, he has been acting out. In the 5 games since returning he has shot 57.4% while making 53.2% of his shots from deep. Believe it or not Steph has the best true shooting percentage of his career, which is a small part of why his offensive rating is also the best it's ever been.(See playing beside Durant and Thompson). Just watch how he torched the Clippers the other night.

Damn, the boy can score! We see you Steph. His 6th game back is tonight and guess who he plays. You got it, the Clippers. Curry is historically deadly against his L.A. rivals. He averages 23.4 point per game and 6.1 assists while playing more minutes against them than any other team in the league. I predict a 50 point game with at least 7 threes tonight and likely another Warriors blow out win. At this point that is far from a bold prediction but I'd be crazy to bet against him. Then again, maybe Curry is about to slow down, maybe he just needed a few minutes in the spotlight, maybe it was just an itch he needed to scratch. Perhaps it was a hunger that YouTube views could feed and all he needed was, say, maybe a corny viral Brita filter commercial?

Let's hope he got his fix. I like the Steph Curry that makes defenses question their career choices a whole lot more than the one who makes cringy (yet catchy) YouTube videos. Frankly, if he keeps lighting it up on a nightly basis, I don't care if he duos with Rebecca Black for Friday 2.0 or records a cinnamon challenge while planking on a hover board or whatever kids are doing these days. All I have to say is, I see you Steph, we see you. What would it take for him to seriously enter the MVP conversation at this point? A lot. But who knows, a hand full of buzzer beaters and a pocket full of 50 point games pairs well with the best record in the league. If anyone can do it, it's the chef. Keep cookin' boy.

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