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Mirotic to the Pelicans

Nikola Mirotic has finally found a new home. After Bobby Portis punched him in the face, Nicky has been looking for a way out of Chicago and playing better basketball than ever before was part of his plan. His trade value spiked and he had the attention of multiple teams around the league. Of all those teams it seems New Orleans was able to pitch the sweetest deal.

The Pelicans will send Jameer Nelson, Omer Asik,Tony Allen and a first round draft pick to the Bulls in return for Nikola “the human punching bag” Mirotic. From this move it’s clear the that the Pelicans are desperate to make a playoff push and convince Anthony Davis that New Orleans isn’t the terrible franchise that, well, it really is. The trade ships out enough salary and frees enough roster spots to hint that they’ll pursue the recently bought out Greg Monroe to play alongside Davis at the center position. It’s encouraging to see the Pelicans making moves but unfortunately it’s all patch work and it won’t be enough to bring sustained success. When you’re the Pelicans, however, making the playoffs may be worth the current options.

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