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Opening Day Recap: Raps Get It Done.

The first day of the NBA playoffs is in the books and we all think we have a good idea of how these 4 series will play out. It is the result of every game one that forms our impressions of the remaining seven games. A blowout means a sweep, a tight contest means it's going the distance. Whatever we witness on opening night will always shape our view but no matter how you see it, these are the playoffs and anything can happen.

San Antonio vs. Golden State

Okay, so maybe the first game is a great indicator of the way this series will end, but mostly because we're dealing with one of the best teams of all time playing against a squad who is mysteriously missing their best player in Kawhi Leonard. The Warriors were in charge from the opening tip and did not slow down until the final buzzer sounded. It looks like playoff Klay is back, as he went 11 for 13 from the field for 27 points while Draymond and KD were inches from recording their own triple doubles. As for the Spurs? The most notable moment came from coach Pop at the post game presser.

Toronto vs. Washington

Well, the Raptors got it done. After failing to secure a game 1 victory in 10 consecutive first round series the Raptors finally broke that streak. Toronto and its fan base really piled on the pressure after building up the desperation of its first game, comparing the game's importance to that of a game 7. Now that the team can unclench their butts it's time to see if this performance can carry on through the rest of the series. While we pat them on the backs for finally winning a game one, it is important to remember that winning the opening game of a series isn't a miracle and that we should have expected them to win it anyway. They're the number 1 seed in the east and if the bar for success remains this low they're doomed to exit early.

Philadelphia vs. Miami

Someone tweeted "Miami wasted their Kelly Olynyk game", and it couldn't be more true. Hassan Whiteside forgot to show up even though it may have been his only chance to perform without the looming shadow of Joel Embiid over his shoulder and Dragic seemed content with his European Championship achievements last night. Pair this with the fact that Ben Simmons, the rookie of the year, doesn't play like a rookie and the Sixers were lights out from deep and you get 17 straight wins from Philly. The Sixers look as if they've rounded into form at the perfect moment. I don't see a sweep but the 76ers are going to be fun in the second round.

New Orleans vs. Portland

Playoff Jrue? Playoff AD? PLAYOFF RONDO? They're real. While it was a tightly contested game this Pelicans squad looks a little different. Sure Dame and CJ were relatively cold from the field but Portland may be in trouble in round one. These two teams match up well and I can see this series going to 7 but you might have expected more from the Blazers. I have to admit that I underrated this series before last night.

I forgot how my free time evaporates during the playoffs. On any given night during the regular season I tune into a game or two depending on the schedule, but this time of year is a little different and it's fantastic. Today is a new day and we have 4 more series to spill hyperbole over, and I can't wait.

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