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Wade Turns Back the Clock

After their game 1 loss to the Sixers it was clear that the Miami Heat were in need of some help. Who knew it would be the man who brought them a title in 2006 that would take control and lock down a game 2 victory.

Dwyane Wade came off the bench to score 28 points on 11 for 16 shooting with 7 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals and moved in to 10th on the all time playoff scoring list. In doing this he passed a man by the name of Larry Bird. I don't know if you've heard of him but he was a pretty good basketball player.

When asked what brought on his throwback performance Wade said that fans had comedian Kevin Hart to thank as the two had a rather one sided stare down at the end of the game. Hart is known for heckling opposing team and it seems this time he bothered the wrong man.

Wade's 28 was the most points he's scored in a game this year and it couldn't have come at a better time. The series returns to Miami even at 1 win a piece and it feels as if Miami has momentum on their side. It's far to early to call game 3 a win for the Heat because despite their aging star's performance, Philadelphia's poor shooting is unlikely to continue and if the Sixers find themselves even mildly improved their next meeting may look a little different. It's easy to imagine the series being tight down the stretch but anything short of another signature playoff performance from Wade might result in a one sided series for the opposition. Their next game comes on Thursday night when these teams fight for a 2-1 series lead. Can the young Sixers bounce back or will playoff experience throw a monkey wrench into the process?

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