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Déjà Vu All Over Again

I know this may come as a surprise but the finals are set and the two teams matching up will be the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. I'll give you a minute to calm down, it's true, miracles do happen.

Many fans feel the same boredom I felt when thinking about the prospect of these two teams meeting in a fourth straight finals, but it's time to put things into perspective. Which eastern conference team would be more fun to watch than Lebron James? None. Which western conference team would have you more excited for the final series that the Warriors?... I can actually think of a few. Yet I still can't shake the feeling that if one of the two are going to be there, the other might as well join them for a fourth installment.

Unfortunately we're not dealing with the best versions of the best teams in the association. Kevin Love is concussed, the rest of the Cavs are trash bags with holes in them and there's cat litter spilling onto the floor, and former finals MVP Andre Iguodala is doubtful to return. If you haven't missed Cleveland Kyrie, you're about to. The Warriors look out of sync and like their boredom is beginning to turn inward. This hint of disturbance is nowhere near enough to make me think they won't absolutely demolish Cleveland, but it's enough to convince me that their peak is behind them. Meanwhile Lebron and those trash bags I mentioned earlier have struggled through the far weaker eastern conference. This is by far Lebron's worst supporting cast and their poor defense has me prematurely annoyed with just how sloppy some of these games are going to get. That being said, I'm going to be watching as intently as ever. If you're like me you're going to need a few things to watch for so you feel just a little less regret after each Golden State blowout. Here's what or why I'll be watching.

"Witness Greatness"

It's true, watching Lebron, the greatest player of my generation, is worth every minute. What this dude does on the basketball court is absolutely ridiculous and you should care about it. Cherish every dunk, one footed bank shot and chase down block. If you played pickup with Trevor Booker he'd make you look like a club footed chump, right? Well Lebron makes Trevor Booker look like you.

Will He Stay or Will He Go?

The biggest question of 2018 turned out to be the biggest question of 2017 and 2016 and 2015 and... you get it. It seems that no matter the year, the speculation around where Lebron will take his talents is unending. As this series unfolds each win or loss will serve to fire up the rumours, and rumours are fun for everyone. If the Cavs get swept, hello Houston! If they win (HA!) it will be Cleveland forever. Don't even get me started on the L.A./Philly hype.

Kyrie, Come Home

Arguably the biggest surprise of the off season is playing out before our eyes. This is what Cleveland looks like when Batman doesn't have his Robin. More than any series so far we're about to see why Kyrie's automatic offense was so key in the Cavaliers 2016 title. Don't doubt that Lebron will do everything in his power to prove that wrong.

Inevitable Draymond Techs

Will it be a roundhouse kick to Jeff Green's face or a kung fu fist to Tristan Thompson's Kardashians? Will he step over Tyronn Lue and give him life ending flashbacks of "the answer"? I don't know but I'm here for it. 100%.

Klay Thompson Interviews

If you don't love Klay Thompson then you don't love yourself.

Reggie Miller, Mark Jackson and Marv Albert

Not even a good joke, those dudes are awful.

It's not much but it's the NBA finals. I know you don't need to be motivated to watch. If you and I are the same you are impatiently waiting for Thursday night, watching interviews and hoping for K-Love's return. At the end of the day we're witnessing history. The Warriors are a dynasty and Lebron is a once in a lifetime player, there is no better way to end the year than to enjoy the best the NBA has to offer.

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