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Jimmy Buckets vs The Timberwolves: Practice Edition

Today the Minnesota Timberwolves held a practice worthy of a big time pay-per-view event. In what was Butler's first appearance alongside his Wolves teammates since his September trade request, Jimmy pulled some real sports movie type shit. After reportedly turning up late Jimmy proceeded to go on what can only be described as an absolute rampage. It was reported by ESPN's Amin Elhassan that with the help of Minnesota's third string talent, JB dominated every aspect of practice.

Aside from reportedly running over the Wolves premier players on the court he is said to have been exceedingly vocal. Now I'm not talking about directing teammates towards defensive assignments or calling out screens, Jimmy got MAD. In one slew of volatility he allegedly yelled "You f**king need me" at Wolves GM Scott Layden followed by further reiteration of his well known opinion that the wolves young core is "soft".

Do you think Jimmy got his point across? If it wasn't clear to Thibs before it should be now. They need to get this dude the hell out of Minnesota. Does this recent installment of the ever entertaining Jimmy vs. Wolves saga raise his value? Not likely, it only serves to further emphasize the poisonous nature of keeping such a disgruntled star around the already malignant culture that abides in the Timberwolves locker room. At this point teams looking to trade for Jimmy have to be aware of just how urgently the Wolves need this disaster to end. Whether Layden and Thibs are wise enough to move on quickly, however, remains in doubt. Were it any other team or any other star, the divorce may be a swift one but with the rocky love life of coach Tom and anyone related to his former Bulls we will never know.

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